Toxic Superfoods

Toxic Superfoods by Sally Norton

Toxic Superfoods Book Review

After exploring the topic of plant toxins, which is discussed in Dr Paul Saladino’s book The Carnivore Diet, which broadly covers the topic, and Dr Steven Gundry’s book The Plant Paradox, which focuses on lectins, I wanted to delve deeper into the effects of oxalates.

In Sally Norton’s book Toxic Superfoods, the focus is the plant toxin oxalate or oxalic acid.

Your body can produce oxalate on its own or obtain it from food. Vitamin C can also be converted into oxalate when it’s metabolised.

Once consumed, oxalate can bind to minerals to form compounds, including calcium oxalate and iron oxalate. This mainly occurs in the colon but can also occur in the kidneys and other parts of the urinary tract.

In most people, these compounds are eliminated in the stool or urine.

However, in sensitive individuals, high oxalate diets have been linked to an increased risk of kidney stones and other health problems.

As with all plant toxins, the dose makes the poison, which was my reason to look for more information on oxalates.

What dose makes the poison? And can oxalates build up in the body tissues and organs, causing long-term problems or short-term sub-clinical effects in bodily systems function?

Well, I wasn’t disappointed by Toxic Superfoods, the book is well-researched, with many research papers cited and presented logically to take the reader on an educational journey about oxalates.

Easy-to-understand guidelines are also provided on how to reduce the risk of a long-term oxalate exposure diet, particularly in relation to gradually reducing dietary oxalate levels to reduce the risk of the adverse effects of oxalate dumping, which can occur if oxalates are reduced too quickly in the diet of an individual with a high or moderate oxalate dietary intake.

Spoiler alert, chocolate can be high in oxalates! However, apart from this bad news, I hope you enjoy this well-constructed valuable resource.

Publishers Book Summary

An acclaimed nutrition educator reveals how the foods you’re eating to get healthy might be making you sick.

“Sally Norton’s well-researched book makes a truly important contribution to the literature in revealing just how much oxalates can damage the human body.”—Nina Teicholz, author of The Big Fat Surprise.

If you’re eating a healthy diet and you’re still dealing with fatigue, inflammation, anxiety, recurrent injuries, or chronic pain, the problem could be your spinach, almonds, sweet potatoes, and other trusted plant foods. And your key to vibrant health may be quitting these so-called superfoods.

After suffering for decades from chronic health problems, nutrition educator Sally K. Norton, MPH, discovered that the culprits were the chemical toxins called oxalates lurking within her “healthy,” organic plant-heavy diet. She shines light on how our modern diets are overloaded with oxalates and offers fresh solutions including:

  • A complete, research-backed program to safely reverse your oxalate load
  • Comprehensive charts and resources on foods to avoid and better alternatives
  • Guidance to improve your energy, optimise mood and brain performance, and find true relief from chronic pain

In this ground-breaking guide, Norton reveals that the popular dictum to “eat more plants” can be misleading. Toxic Superfoods gives health-seekers a chance for improved energy, optimum brain performance, graceful aging, and true relief from chronic pain.


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