The Great Plant-Based Con

The Great Plant-Based Con by Janye Buxton

The Great Plant-Based Con Book Review

As I write this book review of The Great Plant-Based Con, it marks the end of a one-year journey down the nutrition rabbit hole. This has taken a considerable amount of my free time, with my Audible usage in the last 12 months totalling 6 days, 8 hours, and 39 minutes. And I only listen to nutrition and health-related books!

Wow, that’s over 150 hours of audiobooks, and I’ve easily watched twice that duration of online presentations and lectures, plus, there are the articles I’ve read. So, I’d estimate that to be approximately 450 hours, or over 18 days, of nutritional information, consumed.

But has it been worth it?

OMG, yes…here I started to write the story of an arthritic knee, pain to pain-free, CrossFit, paddleboarding, crutches, MRIs, x-rays, an avoided knee replacement, skiing my first back run last week and doing the CrossFit Open WOD yesterday.

But that is a long enough list, let alone telling the story itself. So, I’ll save it for a dedicated post in the future. But, without the investment of time to go down the rabbit hole, there is no way I’d have been able to ski 5 hours a day for 6 days last week.

And why it’s important to highlight these facts is because if I were to write a book and condense everything I have learned, my book would be almost identical to The Great Plant-Based Con. I genuinely feel this is one of the best books I’ve ever read (ok, listened to).

So I urge you to download it or buy a copy and learn nutritional truths no NHS doctor, few private doctors, and even fewer nutritionists will tell you. So, take control of your health and longevity and understand the facts of diet, nutrition, health, and food-related environmental issues from one author.

The Great Plant-Based Con

Publishers Book Summary

Plant-based is best for health, go vegan to help save the planet, eat less meat…. Almost every day we are bombarded with the seemingly incontrovertible message that we must reduce our consumption of meat and dairy or eliminate them from our diets altogether.

But what if the pervasive message that the plant-based diet will improve our health and save the planet is misleading or even false? What if removing animal foods from our diet is a serious threat to human health and a red herring in the fight against climate change?

In The Great Plant-Based Con Jayne Buxton demonstrates that each of these ‘what-ifs’ is, in fact, a reality. Drawing on the work of numerous health experts and researchers, she uncovers how the separate efforts of a constellation of individuals, companies and organisations are leading us down a dietary road that will have severe repercussions for our health and well-being and for the future of the planet.

The Great Plant-Based Con is neither anti-plant nor anti-vegan. It is a call for us to take an honest look at the facts about human diets and their effect on the environment. Shocking and eye-opening, this book outlines everything you need to know to make more informed decisions about the food you choose to eat.

The Great Plant-Based Con


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