The Big Fat Surprise

The Big Fat Surprise by Nina Teicholz

The Big Fat Surprise Book Review

The Big Fat Surprise is an amazing book and one of the first I read this year after Dr Paul Saladino referenced it in his book The Carnivore Code.

I think this is a great book for many. A major hurdle that needs to be overcome in making better dietary choices is understanding how mainstream nutritional advice concluded that saturated fat is highly correlated to cardiovascular disease. And in this book Nina Teicholz presents a compelling case that we have been misled. You decide whether intentionally by one man’s ego or by a concerted effort of complicit others.

However, once people can overcome this mental challenge and understand the facts, it opens up the possibility for people to become more receptive to conflicting information and challenge the misguided assumptions that many of us have naturally made in the presence of the information that’s been presented to us.

Publishers Book Summary

Dish up the red meat, eggs, and whole milk! In this well-researched and captivating narrative, veteran food writer Nina Teicholz proves how everything we’ve been told about fat is wrong.

Americans have cut back on red meat and dairy products full of “bad” saturated fats for decades. We obediently complied with nutritional guidelines to eat “heart-healthy” fats found in olive oil, fish, and nuts and followed a Mediterranean diet heavy on fruits, vegetables, and grains. Yet the nation’s health has declined. What is going on?

In The Big Fat Surprise, Teicholz reveals how 60 years of nutrition science has gotten it so wrong: how overzealous researchers have made basic scientific mistakes that, through a mix of ego and bias, allow dangerous misrepresentations to become dogma, and how scientists who dared oppose this consensus have been ostracised. For eight years, Teicholz has pored over the massive research literature and interviewed hundreds of leading experts to unravel the shockingly distorted claims of nutrition studies. She brings these researchers to life and shows how their ambitions, loyalties, and rivalries have undermined a field of research already full of difficult pitfalls.

With a lively narrative style akin to Michael Pollan’s in The Omnivore’s Dilemma and the scientific rigour of Gary Taubes in Good Calories, Bad Calories, Teicholz convincingly upends the conventional wisdom about all fats. Her ground-breaking claim is that more dietary fat leads to better health, wellness, and fitness. Science shows that reducing the saturated fat in our diets has been disastrous for our health as a nation, and we can, guilt-free, welcome these “whole fats” back into our lives.


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