Nutrition Resource List

Nutrition Resource List

Where to start…

If you are new to exploring the subject of nutrition other than the Eat Well Plate or the Food Pyramid, start by viewing the recourses under ‘History of Nutritional Guidelines’.

These two videos are a good start:

The Mess: The Money vs the Evidence

The Role of Nutrition in Everything

This will give you an insight into how the current nutrition guidelines were created and potential issues arising from them.

Next, I suggest watching The Big Fat Surprise Lecture, which details the history behind the belief that saturated animal fat leads to cardiovascular disease.

After watching these videos, a good video to view is The $100 Billion Dollar Ingredient making your Food Toxic, which examines the impact of seed and vegetable oils on health.

And if you are concerned about your food choices and the environment, Eating less Meat won’t save the Planet. Here’s Why, is a great video that summarises the key issues.

From here on, you will find that any other information will make more sense to you, and thus you will value your investment of time.Belief System


The Great Plant-Based Con by Janye Buxton

The Big Fat Surprise by Nina Teicholz

The Carnivore Code by Paul Saladino MD

The Carnivore Code Cookbook by Paul Saladino MD

Sacred Cow by Diana Rodgers RD, Robb Wolf

The Vegetarian Myth by Lierre Keith – Audiobook

Lifespan by Dr David A. Sinclair, Matthew D. LaPlante

The Cancer Code by Dr Jason Fung – Audiobook

Excitotoxins by Russell L. Blaylock – Audiobook

The Plant Paradox by Steven R. Gundry MD

Toxic Superfoods by Sally Norton

Glucose Revolution by Jessie Inchauspé


Debunking the Vegan Myth: Paper

Diet Guides

Animal-Based Diet Guidelines – Dr Paul Saladino

Plant Paradox Diet Yes-No Food Lists

Carnivore Diet: Everything You Need to Know


TEDx Wouldn’t Post This…Mikhaila Peterson Talk

Man the Fat Hunter: The Demise of Homo erectus and the Emergence of a New Hominin Lineage in the Middle Pleistocene

J.Stanton: Diet Myths Debunked & Truths Discovered (website and hours of reading)

Prolonged Meat Diets with a Study of Kidney Function and Ketosis

A review of fatty acid profiles and antioxidant content in grass-fed and grain-fed beef

Animal-Based Nutrition Resource & Social Media Links

Sacred Cow Infographic

Grass-Fed / Grass-Finished Suppliers

Raw Milk Suppliers

Pasture Raised Organic Eggs: The Perfect Food?

What If?

What If You Only Eat Fruit For 30 Days?

What If You Stop Eating Bread For 30 Days?

What If You Ate Only Meat For 30 Days?

What If You Eat BACON Every Day For 30 Days?

I Ate 100 EGGS In 7 Days: Here’s What Happened To My CHOLESTEROL

Plant Toxins

How lectins impact your health

Health Dangers of a Plant-Based Diet

Plant Food Toxins in an Evolutionary Context

Seed Oils: Omega-6 vs Omega-3 Ratios

The Importance of Maintaining a Low Omega-6/Omega-3 Ratio for Reducing the Risk of Autoimmune Diseases, Asthma, and Allergies

Omega-3 Fatty Acids in Inflammation and Autoimmune Diseases

Associations between Vitamin D, Omega 6:Omega 3 Ratio, and Biomarkers of Aging in Individuals Living with and without Chronic Pain

Seed Oils

The $100 Billion Dollar Ingredient making your Food Toxic

Omega-6 Apocalypse 2

Low Carb Essentials – ‘Vegetable Oils’

History of Nutritional Guidelines

The Mess: The Money vs the Evidence

The Role of Nutrition in Everything

The Big Fat Surprise Lecture

The Quality of Calories: Competing Paradigms of Obesity Pathogenesis, a Historical Perspective

Brainwashed — The Mainstreaming of Nutritional Mythology

The Vegetarian Myth: Lierre Keith Interview

Cardiovascular Disease

An Alternative Hypothesis for Coronary Atherosclerosis

Deception in Cholesterol Research: Separating Truth From Profitable Fiction

Statins: My Experience Exposing the Controversy

The Environment

Eating less Meat won’t save the Planet. Here’s Why

Feeding the World a Healthy and Sustainable Diet? How EAT-Lancet Gets it Wrong

Sacred Cow – The Case for (Better) Meat

Will Harris & Regenerative Agriculture – The Joe Rogan Experience

Big Pharma & Research

Financial Conflicts of Interests and the End of Evidence-Based Medicine

Evidence-Based Medicine Has Been Hijacked

Brigham Buhler & Big Pharma – The Joe Rogan Experience

Intermittent Fasting

Fasting as a Therapeutic Option for Weight Loss

Intermittent Fasting’s Darkest Secret

Intermittent Fasting Guide

This is How Intermittent Fasting Improves Your Health

What Is Autophagy? 8 Amazing Benefits Of Fasting That Will Save Your Life

Fasting: What Happens If You Fast For 5 Days?

Fasting: What Happens in Your Body When You Fast?

Keto / Low Carb / Sugar

What If You Stop Eating Sugar For 30 Days?

Keto: What Happens When You Are In Ketosis?

Debunking Common Keto Myths

Dr David Unwin – ‘Are we blaming salt for what the sugar did? An old-fashioned detective story’

Dr David Unwin Research Paper 2016 – The glycaemic index revisited

Dr David Unwin’s Sugar Infographics


Cancer as a Mitochondrial Metabolic Disease

The Cancer Code: An interview with Dr Fung

Does red meat cause cancer? (Dr Paul Saladino – Podcast)

How I Went From Stage 3 Colon Cancer To NO CANCER Detected In 4 Months!


Paleopathology and the Origins of the Paleo Diet

Food Toxicology

Naturally Occurring Food Toxins

Food Toxicology: Introduction

Food Toxicology: Dose Response

Food Toxicology: Dangerous Foods


Xenobiotic Metabolism I: What’s Liver Got to Do With It?

Xenobiotic Metabolism II: SNPs and the Power of Grapefruit

Animal Toxins: From Mad Honey to Polar Bear Liver

Food Toxicology: Plant Toxins

Mycotoxins in Food

Hazard vs Risk

Ethics in Food Toxicology

The Toxicology of Cleaners & Food Packaging