Glucose Revolution

Glucose Revolution by Jessie Inchauspé

Glucose Revolution Book Review

I’ve just finished listening to the Glucose Revolution, written by French biochemist Jessie Inchauspé who is also known as the @glucosegoddess on Instagram.

The book focuses on the impact of the foods you eat and the body’s blood sugar and insulin response.

Although the book fails to address many of the known issues in the human diet relating to plant lectins and their effects on gut health and autoimmune disease, and the risks of consuming seed and vegetable oils, the book does do an excellent job of addressing the issues related to carbohydrate-rich diets and their adverse effects on weight loss and metabolic health.

For many people, the Glucose Revolution and its information provide a viable, evidence-based approach to empower the reader to make simple changes to their diet to help weight management and improve health.

Publishers Book Summary

Dietary science is evolving. For decades, people were mistakenly focused on lowering fat and calories when we now know that the real culprits are foods that disrupt our blood sugar levels.

Biochemist Jessie Inchauspé explains why blood sugar spikes are bad for us and how to flatten those spikes to transform our health in clear and empathetic writing.

She has distilled 10 simple and surprising hacks that can be easily incorporated into everyday life by analysing decades of research and running thousands of original experiments on herself while wearing a continuous glucose monitor.

By the end of this audiobook, you’ll understand how food affects your biology. You’ll understand which breakfast options may be causing your cravings, how to eat the food on your plate in the correct order, what not to do on an empty stomach, which foods cause mood swings, and how to avoid falling asleep at 3 p.m. You’ll change your eating habits, gain control of your health, and your life will flourish.


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