Eat-Lancet Report

EAT-Lancet Gets it Wrong? Feeding the World a Healthy and Sustainable Diet

Does EAT-Lancet get it wrong?

In 2019 a group in Sweden proposed the first-ever global dietary plan to save our health and the planet.

Their recommendations include less than half an ounce of red meat per day and only 1/4 of an egg a day, yet 8 tsp of white sugar is allowed. The diet also calls for eliminating processed foods, but “unsaturated oils” are the main source of fats.

And to also address emissions, red meat has been targeted as the worst possible food.

But did the researchers even actually consult with any environmental experts? How can this diet work for those who live in areas that don’t support grain production and already face malnutrition?

Diana Rodgers, registered dietitian and sustainability advocate, breaks down how misguided the EAT-Lancet recommendations are.

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