Eating Less Meat

Eating less Meat won’t save the Planet. Why?

Will eating less meat save the planet?

This is another excellent video from the guys at What I’ve Learned. It does a great job of discussing the common misconceptions relating to the farming of animal foods and their environmental impact.

If you would like to dig deeper into this subject, I highly recommend looking at the Sacred Cow resources, which include the Sacred Cow book, infographics and a Q&A video with one of the Sacred Cow authors Diana Rodgers.

There is also a great podcast with Will Harris, who owns the highly acclaimed White Oak Pastures Farm and is a leader in regenerative farming.

If you decide to become a vegan and stop eating animal products, please do so. Still, you should become fully informed about the environmental impact of animal foods vs plant foods because your choices may not help the environment as you believe.

And when we consider soil quality and carbon sequestration. Eating naturally raised ruminants could be important in improving soil quality damaged by man-made synthetic fertilisers and taking carbon back out of the atmosphere.