Debunking the Vegan Myth: Paper

Nutrition is a highly debated topic, and one of the most controversial and emotional issues is the vegan diet. Many people strongly believe that their way of eating is the right way, and nutrition has become a new religion of sorts.

However, few individuals take the time to delve into the science behind the pros and cons of animal-based versus plant-based foods. If you read the comments on this video, you will see just how passionate people are about this subject.

Our website aims to provide credible science so that individuals can make informed decisions based on this information.

Unfortunately, mainstream media often presents biased information that supports a particular narrative, rather than considering long-term human health on an individual basis.

The video below features a presentation of a paper by James H. O’Keefe, Evan L. O’Keefe, Carl J. Lavie, and Loren Cordain (2022).

You can view the paper below or download it via the provided link if you are using a mobile device.